Open Architecture Model

Andus Open Architecture

What does it mean for employers?

  • Control of the process – You decide what you buy
  • Complete transparency with all plan dollars
  • Risk is transfered to an “A” rated insurance carrier
  • Reduced volatility
  • Cost containment
  • Ability to “win” when the plan runs well
  • Ability for benefit plan to become a recruiting and retention tool

Andus Open Architecture Employee Benefit Model

Traditional Carrier-Broker Model

Insurance Carrier Broker Model

Insurance Carrier

  • Transfers all risk to the employer (inverse definition of insurance)
  • Dictates process, costs and offerings
  • Distributes bundled products with large profit margins

Insurance Broker

  • Sells carrier products
  • Paid commission by carrier
  • Gives limited information on where plan dollars are going
  • Provides limited ways to control underlying cost
  • Advocates cost shifting to offset premium increases


  • Blended pricing – no transparency
  • Costs go up every year
  • Increased volatility
  • Absorbs all the cost of erroneous funding
  • Employees frustrated due to cost shifting

Two Models That Appear Similar Can Produce Drastically Different Results

Carrier-Broker Model

Client Cannot See or Control Plan

Andus Open Architecture Model

Client Can See and Control EVERYTHING

Are You Frustrated With…

  • Limited Advice on How to Control Cost?
  • Rising Premiums?
  • A Lack of Transparency with Plan Dollars?
  • Adverse Plan Design Changes?
  • A General Lack of Information About Your Benefit Plan?